About good shoes shoe-shops, and one of those in Frankfurt

by thestreetswalker | 12.02.13

Nice shoes are not hard to find. Good shoes, on the contrary, it is almost impossible. The nicest surprise for me in Frankfurt was finding a good shoes shoe-shop; The ones who are hand made, with leader sole, that is tightened with nails. Those with hard and thick leather, that become softer as long as the time passes, making the shoes age beautifully.

Reza travels 6 times a year to Italy in the search for nice shoes. For 22 years he buys and sales shoes, 8 years in this place in Frankfurt, and it seems like he adores every pair he has at his shop.

Last time I visited it, Reza showed me the planned summer collection for women: Lots of high heels, colorful shoes. That moment I felt so sad that I’m about to leave Frankfurt, and come back to Jerusalem.

His address: La Vita, Schweizer Str. 11, Frankfurt


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  1. 01 peprismine

    you are absolutely right ! getting nice shoes is not that difficult but getting good shoes is difficult. I may try out La Vita some time soon….thanks for the great article


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