Sophie, at Warsaw, Nowomiejska

by thestreetswalker | 30.01.13

What does it mean “having style”? I think that “having style” starts at the awareness of dress codes, and understanding the impact that clothing might have.

Sophie’s family welcomed me into their home during my stay in Warsaw. They also told me one of the most beautiful stories about fashion and style I have ever heard. I hope that I tell it accurately to you.

The story is about Sophie’s grandfather, who went for a ski vacation at the mountains. He knew how to be dressed like a real gentleman, so for some sort of an afternoon-tea event he was wearing – as all the rest of the guests – a nice well-tailored suit. In my opinion that’s the first step of “having style”.

But here comes the second: and then, one of the guests entered the place with a relaxed knitted sweater, as one of those who are popular in ski vacations. When seeing him, Sophie’s grandfather ran back to his room to change for a sweater himself, so then there will be two guests who are not wearing suits. To me, that what real style is.


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