Hello World! #2 / Coming Back Post

by thestreetswalker | 05.08.12

my grandmother at her wedding day

After a long absence, I felt a need to make a special post for opening the second page of the blog. It has been five and a half years that I’m running this blog, that fashion and style have had such a big part of my life. Yet, after some thoughts, I have realized that it has always been a big part of my life. And for that, I have to thank my grandmother, Hanna.

My grandmother was the one who taught me all I know about fashion, owing a lot to her impeccable style, but also to her unforgettable (and sometimes unbelievable) sayings. My grandmother said, not once, that the happiest thing one can do is buying a new dress.

Another thing she used to do was rank her list of the three most important things in life (by this order): 1. Love* 2. clothes 3. culture.

But the most surprising (and shocking) thing she said, was during a holiday-dinner of Sukkot, when she was telling us, her grandchildren, stories from World War 2, and said: “The worst thing at the Ghetto, was having ugly shoes”. Anyone in my family had denied it ever since, but I really think that fashion was that important to her, that it was not completely sarcastic.

I haven’t figured it out yet, if it was a weird coincidence, or a direct decision, for me to take such a long vacation from this blog, parallel to her death, only 4 months ago.

*Well, she said “finding a husband quickly”, but mine is better.


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4 Responses

  1. 01 yael f

    you are fabulous.

  2. 02 Linda

    צר לי לקרוא על פטירת סבתך,
    אני מאחלת לך המון כח ואנרגיות
    כדי להמשיך ולפרסם את הבלוג שלך,
    שמחתי מאד על חזרתך,

  3. 03 Rina

    Really beautiful post…

  4. 04 Mikaela

    Such a nice story, and she looks beautiful in her wedding dress!


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