Jerusalem, Gallery Yaffo 23

28/03/ 2013, 14:38 Jerusalem, street fashion 13

Lior. My new girl-crush

Jerusalem, Gallery Yaffo 23

24/03/ 2013, 09:01 Jerusalem, street fashion 18

At Home, Nat and Ira Kublin, Frankfurt

16/03/ 2013, 17:40 at home, frankfurt 14

Nat Skatchkov (film maker), Ira Kublin (painter) and their five children has been living in this amazing apartment during the last 8 years. “It’s not easy finding an apartment for five kids in Germany”, says Nat. “We found this place by accident, after almost signing on a different apartment in the neighborhood . It was a completely empty backyard-garage-place, and I spent almost half a year until I found out who the owner was”.

Nat runs a gallery “Platform Sarai” inside the apartment. “It is first of all for ourselves: every month we have different art exhibited in our own home. In addition, we found it a good platform to present different artists”.


14/03/ 2013, 16:29 street fashion, Tel Aviv 3

Tel Aviv, Uganda bar / The Return of the Scrunchie

11/03/ 2013, 17:14 street fashion, Tel Aviv 2

Tel Aviv, Simtat Beit HaBad

9/03/ 2013, 12:22 street fashion, Tel Aviv 9

Jerusalem, Bezalel Academy

4/03/ 2013, 15:48 Jerusalem, street fashion 5

Tel Aviv, Tchernichovski Street

2/03/ 2013, 07:17 street fashion, Tel Aviv 5

She also has a blog: schillersblog

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